Maratonul Fagetului

Clujul Pedaleaza

26 Apr 2015
Romana Magyar
Terms and Conditions - Rules of competition

1. General

1.1. This regulation applies to participants in Marathon Fagetului

1.2. Event organizer is INTERTIM & Sports Club Sports Club Cluj Ride.

1.3. Fagetului Marathon is a marathon and half marathon type contest is open to all amateur cyclists, beginners or advanced and the professional.

1.4. Bicycles are allowed of any kind (see art. 2.8), in good condition. However, the organizer recommended type bikes mountain biking.

1.5. Registration for participation is through online registration or registration on site.

1.6. By signing the entry form or ticking the appropriate box during the online registration, each participant:

- Declare that they accept and understand the terms and conditions of participation in the Marathon Faget and competition rules

- Agrees that the image or other public data and results, standings, to be used in promotion of the event in the form of photos, posters, movies, interviews etc. for free and uncensored;

1.7. The organizer reserves the right to refuse registration and participation in the race a competitor for objective reasons.

2. Obligations of participants

2.1. Participation in Marathon Faget is his own responsibility, in full knowledge of fitness to participate in the event, physical and mental health, as well as the technical condition of equipment each participant.

2.2. Each participant is responsible for their own security and safety. Organizers, partners, sponsors, volunteers and staff participating in the event are not liable for any injury, death or damage of any kind that may occur during or following the event.

2.3. Each participant, regardless of how enrollment numbers must sign the takeover contest, a statement of responsibility, which assumes risks that may result from participation in the Marathon Faget. It is recommended that participants have valid accident insurance for sports competitions.

2.4. Wearing a helmet is mandatory throughout the competition. Refusal wearing a helmet during competition disqualification.

2.5. Participants are required to listen and observe instructions / directions contest organizer and staff.

2.6. Taking the number of contest and registration package is spot ahead of the competition in the time slot provided by the organizer. Registration package can be mailed in advance.

2.7. The organizer may prohibit making race start or continue any participant if it has drunk, is under the influence of hallucinogenic substances or in weakness, physical or mental exhaustion.

2.8. Competitors in Category 70 Km will be required bicycle type "mountain biking", otherwise they will be forced to participate in group 30 km, depending on gender and age.

2.9. Junior athletes legitimated a cycling club, will participate in the marathon Faget if accompanied by a representative of the club to which they are legitimated.

2.10. Legitimated senior athletes at UCI cycling club will attend compulsory elite category.

3. Fee

3.1. Fee can be paid by bank transfer, online or on site.

3.2. Online payment can be paid until the date of 25.04.2015, time: 22:00.

3.3. Online registration is open at the date and time set by the event organizer websites: or / pedal.

3.3. Fee is set at 40 RON if online registration and payment or cash made between: 01.12.2015-31.01.2015.

3.4. Fee is set at 50 RON for online registration and payment or cash made between: 01.02.2015-30.03.2015.

3.5. Fee is set at 60 RON if online registration and payment or cash made between: 01.04.2015-25.04.2015.

3.6. Fee is set at 70 RON for registration and payment spot on 26.04.2015, between 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..

3.7. Fee is set at 90 RON for registration and payment spot on 27/04/2015, between the hours of 8:30 to 10:00. The fee can be paid cash before the marathon, in specially designated areas and between the hours mentioned.

3.8. In case of absence from home, abandon, withdraw for any reason the fee will not be returned.

3.9. In case of cancellation of the competition in case of force majeure or circumstances outside the organizer fee is not refunded. The organizer will not incur any costs (transport, accommodation, meals, etc.). Participants.

4. Registration Package

4.1. Join package contains the number of contest (chip) electronic timing, shirt, water 0.5 l isotonic, finisher medail.

5. Categories and Ranking

5.1. Participants can register in the following categories:

30 km Women:

18-29 years (1984-1995)

30-39 years (1974-1983),

40 + years (1900-1973)

30 Km Male:

Legitimated juniors 14-17 (1996-1999),

18-29 years (1984-1995)

30-39 years (1974-1983),

40 + years (1900-1973)

70 km Women:

Open 18 years (1900-1995)

70 Km Male:

UCI ELIT MEN (1900-1995),

18-29 (1984-1995),

30-39 years (1974-1983),

40 + years (1900-1973)

5.2. Legitimated junior athletes to participate cycling club in terms of paragraph 2.9.

5.2. Rankings are above categories and overall.

5.3. It honors the top three finishers in each category.

6. Competition procedures

6.1. Technical Meeting

A technical meeting will be held for all participants start the day. During the technical session participants will be informed of the route dangerous parts, any changes, and the rules of behavior that participants are obliged to respect. Technical Meeting will be held by the director and this contest and participants is required.

6.2. The timing

Timing per second, using a system based on electronic chips. Each participant will wear a custom chip, it is not transferable. It is the responsibility of participants to correctly mount racing number (which contains the chip timing) as shown in instructions.

6.3. Time limit: 30 km route PC2 - 13:00, route 70 km PC4 - 17:00.

6.4. Number of competition

a) Taking the number of contest and registration package is personal, based on an ID in place and time set by the organizer, according to information published on the site.

b) Number of contest must be mounted on handlebars and front should be visible throughout the competition.

6.4. Start

The start is the date and time set by the organizer and announced on competition sites. Home location area will be published on the official website.

6.5. Withdrawal from competition / Abandonment

a) withdrawal from the contest for reasons other than the accident can only control points or the start / finish. Competitor can not or does not wish to continue the contest, is required to travel to the nearest checkpoint or point start / finish, which is registered retirement, keeping the number of contest, but without chip timing.

b) slower moving competitors are obliged to be careful to make way for those who come back and are willing and able to overcome them. No aggressive pedaling! Follow slower competitors!

c) In the event of failure, repair, fall, injury etc. The competition course should be issued as soon as possible to make the transition to other competitors or rescue.

7. Environmental protection

7.1. It is strictly forbidden to throw any waste, including cans, bottles, tubes gel packs anywhere outside the designed route or at checkpoints, those who do not follow this rule will be disqualified.

8. Mandatory equipment

8.1. The following are required for each participant to be present at home: helmet, racing number that contains timing chip (provided by the organizer).

8.2. Bike in good working order.

8.3. We recommend using containers for storing liquids competition route between points of supply.

9. Penalties / Disqualifications

9.1. Violation of the protection of the environment, waste disposal any outside specially designated areas, disqualified competitor.

9.2. Participants priority refusal faster, aggressive behavior, disqualified competitor.

9.3. Absence / non mandatory equipment, the competitor disqualified.

9.4. Deviation from the route established for shortening / easing routing determines disqualification of the contestant.

9.5. Lack of respect for other competitors and spectators determines disqualification of the contestant.

9.6. Using any other means of transport during trip outside bicycle, determines disqualification of the contestant.

9.7. Vulgar language and unsportsmanlike behavior determines disqualification of the contestant.

9.8. Doping causes disqualification of the contestant.

9.9. Avoidance of staff organizer disqualified competitor.

10. Complaints / Appeals

10.1. Complaints and appeals committee shall be submitted in writing contest within 1 hour after the official finish.

11. Changing the route, other decisions regarding the contest

11.1. The organizer may change at any route or cancel / stop competition unless it can be carried safely.

11.2. All decisions will be made by the Committee of competition or contest director.

11.3. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the information displayed on the website, regulation or program, etc.. These changes will be communicated to the participants at least 3 days before the competition, or at the latest numbers takeover contest.

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